Designer’s Choice: Trim Color

Dark Dramatic Colors


As you may recall in our last Designer’s Choice blog, Shades of White, we covered two different hues of white that could be paired with three different bricks from Triangle Brick. In this blog, similar to Shades of White, I will share two dramatic trim colors that will complement our brick perfectly.

Two of my favorite colors to use for trim are Turkish Coffee (SW6076) and Urbane Bronze (SW7048) from the Sherwin Williams collection. 

Turkish Coffee is a warmer color that adds a sense of tradition and sophistication to the exterior design. If you prefer a cooler feel, Urbane Bronze is the way to go, allowing the exterior design to look more distinguished and modern.

So many of our amazing brick could be paired with these two trim colors, but I narrowed it down to three bricks: Charleston from our Village Collection, Nantucket from our Vintage Collection, and Southampton from our Seaside Collection

Both the Turkish Coffee and Urbane Bronze complement the accent colors in each brick, bringing out the orange, brown and grays. While at the same time, the trim colors allow the beige and sand base color of the brick to vividly appear.

We understand that picking the perfect trim color is not a very easy task at times. The Brick Design Center is always offered to those who seek guidance and inspiration for choosing a trim color to go along with it our brick.

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