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Exterior Cladding Design Made Simple

With hundreds of brick colors and textures to choose from, along with the countless other design decisions required during the building process, it can be overwhelming. 

Let our Design Professionals take out the complication and provide you an exceptional design experience.  Our goal is to guide you to a finished project design that you love.

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In House Design Consultations

No matter if you are building a house, an entire apartment complex or planning a new community, you will get the same focused attention that you deserve.

Whether you walk in with a brick, a paint swatch, a full set of blue prints or with your entire construction team, rest assured, you will leave feeling confident that the finished exterior design matches your expectations.  No matter where your design inspiration starts, we are here to guide you through a process that ensures a finished product you will love.

Virtual Design Consultations

If you can't make it here in person, we still have you covered.

If distance or time makes it hard to get to our Design Center in person, all the features and services can still work for you.  You can email us a copy of your elevation, an inspiration photo, social media link, or anything that fits your design preferences.  Although you can be miles away, the outcome will be the same as if you were here in person.

Suggestions for Your Design Appointment

To ensure your design consultation is as productive and informative as possible, we strongly suggest coming to your meeting with the following details:

  • Location of the project

    • Including the physical address or lot number, when possible

  • Copy of your exterior elevations and blue prints

  • Exterior Design Ideas

    • If possible, we recommend coming prepared with a notebook showcasing any exterior design options that inspire you. This will help us learn more about your goals for your project, so she can steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best brick, brick patterns and more.

  • Your brick allowance – what is the budget for brick?

    • Ask your builder or mason for help determining how much brick you will need for your project. We will use this detail to determine a brick allowance for your project.     

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