Half Pack Technology

Triangle Brick: Proud to be the Original Supplier of Half Pack™ Technology

At Triangle Brick Company, our innovation is what sets us apart.

Since our founding in 1959, we’ve been committed to providing customers in the exterior cladding and brick industry with exceptional products unmatched by our competition. One of the ways we’ve stood out is with our Half Pack™ Technology, a new method of packing bricks for distribution - exclusively available at Triangle Brick.

Pallets of Half Pack bricks

What is Half Pack™ Technology?

Our Half Pack™ Technology is used to package the cube of brick so that it is easily broken down into more manageable increments without the risk of damaging the brick or creating piles of unruly brick on the job site. A typical cube of brick weighs approximately 1900 pounds and thanks to this technology the full size cube is banded in increments of a half cube, strap, and half strap; resulting in lighter, more stable packaging that is easier to handle than traditional brick cubes.

This revolutionary brick packaging provides these advantages;

  • Enables masonry contractors to make their processes more efficient by streamlining the construction process to avoid tedious steps, such as breaking down full cubes and hand-stacking each brick on the scaffolding
  • Simplifies training
  • Improves job site safety by virtually eliminating spillage-related injuries
  • Increases overall profitability by at least 10 percent by eliminating wasted bricks and reducing manpower requirements by up to 17 percent

Half Pack™ Technology is just one of the things that makes our brick the best and most innovative brick around. Contact Triangle Brick today at 800-672-8547 to learn more about how we can save your business time, money, manpower and so much more!