Leading the Brick Industry in Innovation for Over 50 years

Leading the Brick Industry in Innovation for Over 50 years

When choosing Triangle Brick, you are choosing a team focused on safety, efficiency, sustainability and innovation.  

Every single brick we manufacture features innovation to its core:  proprietary color blending, recycled materials and more. All of this, packed into one brick by the use of advanced robotics, clean-air initiatives, and industry-leading best practices.  

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State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Plants in North Carolina and Texas

Triangle Brick has been committed to leading in brick innovation since our founding in 1959. In fact, we were one of the first brick companies in the United States to completely automate the manufacturing process.

Today, our brick manufacturing plants in Wadesboro,Moncure, North Carolina, and Clay County, Texas are among the most technologically advanced in the industry, utilizing automation and technology to completely transform every step of the brick manufacturing process — from mining to making to distribution and service. In addition, our plants feature some of the world’s highest capacity industrial robots for our entire process, end-to-end.


Half Pack™ Technology

We did not just stop at the brick — we also innovated the way brick is packaged. Our Half Pack™ Technology was created with the masonry contractor in mind. The pre-blended packaging is more stable and easier to handle than traditional packaging, strapped for easy movement onto scaffolding and around the jobsite, most importantly, our customers tell us it reduces masonry labor costs while increasing job-site safety.

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