Mortar Joint Styles

A Personality of Their Own


We receive great questions from customers in the design center and we often use those questions as inspiration for some of our blog posts. Recently, we have had more questions about mortar joint styles. This is an important, yet often overlooked detail of an exterior design. 

Below we showcase five mortar joint styles: Concave, Grapevine, Raked, Slicker, and V-Joint using our Cape Cod brick, from the Village Collection, along with Argos brand gray mortar (s-type). 

Of course, there are many more options in the world of masonry; but we worked with Argos to come up with real examples of the five most popular mortar joint styles in their markets. As an FYI, we have found that concave and grapevine are the most common throughout many of the areas we serve. 

Please note: you will need to check with your mason or building contractor to determine what mortar joint style is in within your budget. Not all mortar joints are created equal in terms of price and installation techniques.