Designer’s Choice: Roofing Shingles


Many of the builders and homeowners that take advantage of our Brick Design Center Services already have a particular look and feel in mind for exterior of their home; however, they need guidance bringing their ideas together into one cohesive design scheme. Choosing the roof color (and material) of a home or building is an important decision because most roofing material is designed to last decades and roofing can be very expensive to change.

I would like to share some designer tips regarding the color selections for fiberglass shingle roofs. Fiberglass shingles are a very popular selection for many of our customers. Shingles offer dimension and texture to the home, while protecting the structure from the wear and tear of the elements. However, much like paint, shingles cover a very large surface on the home, the roof, and should be carefully selected to enhance the exterior design. Of course, depending on the material, color, and design, shingles or any roofing material can be the star attraction of a project. There are several factors to consider when choosing a roof color: 1) the style or architecture of the home 2) the exterior design scheme 3) the setting of the home.

Two very popular shingle colors, which also happen to be my favorite selections, are Weathered Wood and Moire Black. These shingles are part of the CertainTeed CT 20 collection.

Moire Black is a timeless and traditional look that pairs well with most brick colors. Weathered Wood, which has been called the “khaki pants of shingles,” is a very versatile choice that pairs well with most color schemes and architectural styles.

One of our regular customers, a home builder near our corporate office in Durham, NC, uses only Weathered Wood and Moire Black shingles on all homes in his subdivision. In his opinion, these two shingle colors bring uniformity to the community aesthetic while complementing the exterior design of each individual home.

I have paired Weathered Wood and Moire Black shingles with our Chesapeake Grey brick, from the Parkway Collection, Charleston brick, from the Village Collection, and Northampton brick, from the Parkway Collection, as an example of the different shingle colors’ versatility:



Ever need assistance choosing the right shingle color to pair with our brick for your project? Contact me in the Brick Design Center to schedule a consultation.


Images for Weathered Wood and Moire Black shingles were downloaded from the CertainTeed website.