Designer’s Choice: Gutter Colors

A subtle statement piece


When choosing the gutter color for the exterior project, it is important to decide if you would like the gutter to blend in with the façade, typically the trim color, of the project. Blending the gutter color with trim is the most subtle gutter application. You may also select a gutter color that blends with your shingle color or your fixture colors; in this case you will create more of a notable accent in your exterior design scheme. 

This design choice is challenging as there is no wrong or right answer; it is more about personal preference. Typically our Brick Design Center customers select from white, almond, musket brown, black or bronze. Take a look below for examples. 

Triangle Brick’s Northampton brick, from the Parkway Collection, shown below, showcases a black gutter that was used to give the home a dramatic accent.



As seen below, this customer selected a white gutter to complement Triangle Brick’s Southampton brick, in the Seaside Collection.  In this application the gutter is barely noticeable. 



The image below demonstrates the pairing of a bronze gutter with Triangle Brick’s Charleston brick, from the Village Collection. The bronze color gutter is more of a design stand-out and ties all the exterior colors together nicely.