Designer’s Choice: Bold Front Door Colors

Say hello to a bold pop of color!


Pairing a bold front door color with brick is a great way to add a pop of color and to emphasize the individual personalities of the brick you choose for your project. 

A few of our bold color favorites are Sommelier, Retreat and Smoky Blue from the Sherwin-Williams collection.



 Triangle Brick’s Nantucket brick, from the Vintage Collection, pairs extremely well with Sommelier (SW7595). The dark purple in Sommelier intensifies the subtle orange, brown and charcoal gray accents found in Nantucket. These two colors combined create a warm look.



Looking for serenity? Our Charleston brick, from the Village Collection, couples great with the Retreat (SW6207) color. Retreat is a calm and peaceful companion that highlights the range of colors in this varicolored brick. Along with harmony, a modern feel is also provided with this color combination.



For a look with more cool-tones, Smoky Blue (SW7604) paired with Triangle Brick’s Chesapeake Grey, from the Parkway Collection, accentuates the dark charcoal and beautiful smoky gray accents of the brick.

Stay tuned for our May 7th edition of Designer’s Choice where we discuss how you can use brick to create a decorative accent.