The Heartbeat of Triangle Brick


Triangle Brick would like to say thank you to our team of dedicated delivery drivers that go above and beyond to provide excellent delivery services. This amazing group is devoted to carrying out Triangle Brick’s mission with the utmost enthusiasm.  Our delivery drivers ship product to North and South Carolina as well as southern Virginia.

Last week, Triangle Brick had its annual Driver Safety Meeting. While this may be common for many companies, we pride ourselves with having exceptional delivery drivers that transport our brick safely and efficiently. 


Pictured – from top left to right left: Neill Holmes, Charles Melton, Anthony Blakeny, Jimmy Brinson, Tony Bailey, Emmanuel Simon, Ike Taylor, Lee Blakeney, Marvin Scurlock, Burnice Gray, David Treadaway, Ken Davis. From bottom left to right: Rob Skinner, Charles Goodman, John Johnson, Ray Freeman, Clyde Tyson, Juan Cortez, Andrew Gatewood.


Two awards were given out at the safety meeting for the Best Drivers’ Motion Time Percentage. A congratulations is in order for Tony Bailey, with a 91.77%, and Lee Blakeney, with a 91.12%.



Part of the driver safety meeting consists of a moffett recertification, which is a refresher course for forklift safety. This can be seen pictured above.


Pictured: Charles Goodman


Charles Goodman, a North Carolina native, has been a delivery driver for Triangle Brick 38 years.  He is a delivery driver for our Merry Oaks plant, located in Moncure, NC. No matter who you ask, they are all in agreement that Charles is an all-around great guy.  He is a very talented and takes a lot of pride in what he does.


Pictured left to right: Ken Davis, Neill Holmes and Rob Skinner


Daily operations are imperative to making sure the brick deliveries run smoothly. We wouldn’t be able to run such a well-oiled machine without the other men behind the operation. This group of talented individuals consists of:  Ken Davis, Truck Fleet Manager; Neill Holmes, Director of Product Services; and Rob Skinner, Shipping Manager.



Here’s to our delivery drivers, we salute you!