Brick Masonry Techniques Part I

New Home Construction

Below are just a few tips to ensure the brick delivered to the job site are securely stored, are prepped for consistent installation into the wall, and are easy to install for the masonry crew:


  • Brick covered and on pallets
  • Sand on high spot
  • Be sure moisture level is the same in all brick (wet them if necessary)


Hot Weather

  • Mortar cannot tolerate temperatures over 120 degrees
  • Use cool water for mixing mortar
  • Fill half of water barrel each day
  • Pre-wet wheelbarrow
  • Pre-wet mortar boards

Cold Weather

  • Consider when temperature is below 40 degrees
  • Don’t lay brick with ice on them, keep brick covered
  • Enclose area, heat until area is above 32 degrees for 24 hours
  • Admixtures can produce staining and are not recommended as a tool to accelerate hydration of mortar

Stay tuned for Part II where we discuss the importance of wall ties, weep holes, and house wrap.