In All Shapes and Sizes

Custom brick designs from Triangle Brick

Triangle Brick offers a variety of custom brick shapes and sizes customize your project. We make the shapes by hand in our Merry Oaks, NC and Wadesboro, NC plants. The most common shapes Triangle Brick has are arches, keys, ogee treads and sills, and water tables.


Shown below is a three-course, one-piece jack arch. The jack arch can be custom made to fit the masonry opening including additional courses and pieces.

We also offer semicircular arches, segmental arches, circular arches, and elliptical arches. Contact your local sales representative today for more information. See below for an example of our segmental arch.


We offer various sizes of concrete keys. As shown below, the concrete key pairs beautifully with the jack arch.



Ogee rowlock and ogee rowlock corners are perfect for creating an elegant and well-crafted staircase leading to your project. When it comes to the little details of the façade of the home, using the custom ogee treads will be well worth the investment.



Much like the ogee treads showcased above, the ogee sill is a great way to bring a sense of style and craftsmanship to your home.



Last but not least, the ogee watertable is another fabulous design statement for your project. Often used to break off the linear sections of a building, the ogee watertable package can provide a custom trim look to your home that will add curb appeal for the life of the building.

The watertable designs are also available in cove, beveled, and bullnose shapes. Please ask your local sales representative for more details.

If your project warrants a more unique shape or size we can more than likely design it. Whether you are looking for a grand entry way or just a brick cap to finish off a wall, Triangle Brick has you covered.

To view the entire shapes guide online, click here.