Modern Home Design

Masonry, clay masonry that is, makes an impression on modern design

In a recent article published by Builder Online by authored Steve James with DTJ Design, we learn a little about the push toward modern home design with a widespread appeal.  Steve is right, when you try to combine the desires of city-living with suburban home pricing or the desires of a suburban lifestyle without living in a colonial style home, it can be tricky. 

Steve suggests that there is a compromise by adding modern rooflines and a contemporary blend of masonry and stucco to the otherwise typical colonial design.  

Shown below, in the rendering by DTJ Design, is a home that does just that.  

Masonry can be used in the vertical accent area framing the entrance of the home, up to the second floor.  The versatile nature of brick, allows it to be used in designs that require clean lines and symmetry. 

While this modern twist on the colonial may not be a solution in all of the markets we serve, we can’t help but share innovative ways that brick can blend two different schools of design into architecture suitable for today’s homebuyers.  Hooray for brick!

For the complete article, click here or more information about DTJ Design or Steve James, click here.