The Advantages of Brick

Image. Resale. Low Maintenance.Durable. Efficient.

No other building material can match brick’s classic elegance, high resale value, energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance, and wide variety of available colors and textures:

  • Brick conveys an image of substance and permanence, and it never goes out of style. Many of the world’s most beautiful, enduring and admired homes and other buildings are made of brick.
  • Brick homes have resale values as much as 6 percent higher than those of comparable houses finished with other siding materials.
  • Brick offers fewer opportunities for air infiltration than other commonly used siding materials, and is heavy and dense, giving it a very high thermal mass. This means that during the summer, a brick home remains cool in the heat of the day and then releases the heat energy during the night hours. Similarly, in winter, a brick home stores and reflects heat back into the living space, keeping it warmer.
  • One of the oldest and most durable building materials in the world, brick resists fire, doesn’t rot or corrode, and can’t be eaten by termites or other insects. Brick structures that are hundreds of years old are still in use today. Their durability and resistance to hazards often make brick homes eligible for discounts on homeowner’s insurance (check with your agent).
  • Brick homes never need painting, and their siding never rots, splits, corrodes, dents or tears. Compared with wood-, vinyl-, aluminum-, or artificial-stucco sided structures, brick homes are virtually maintenance free.