Designer’s Choice: Pairing Two Contrasting Brick

Thinking out of the rectangle 


In a previous blog, Pairing Brick and Stone, we displayed a few examples of our favorite brick and stone pairings. Now, let’s discuss pairing two different brick colors and textures together for an aesthetically pleasing exterior design.

Recently, a customer was faced with an interesting design challenge for their upcoming multifamily project. The wall space available for cladding allowed for more than one cladding treatment, thankfully, they decided to use brick as the medium. The customer selected our Oxford brick, from the Village Collection, and our Full Color Antique brick, from the Downtown Collection. They paired the brick selections with neutral paint colors in the painted trim details, resulting in an amazing contrast.

A swatch of the Oxford and Full Color Antique brick are shown below.



As a single brick color, they are uniquely different; however, when paired together the burgundy and orange tones provide a visually stunning contrast and high-end look.



Our Oxford brick consists of a deep intense color with a rich burgundy brick hue and deep red and brown overtones.



Full Color Antique houses a full-bodied orange base. Subtle accents and textured finish give this brick a distinctive contemporary look.



The building shown is cladded with a mix of our Oxford and Full Color Antique brick. The brick colors complement one another very well. Oxford is the main brick selection and we accented with Full Color Antique. Along with the other beautiful colors chosen for this project, this building has an interesting architectural style; blending craftsman and contemporary style with the use of a more traditional cladding option like brick, metal, and wood-framed windows.