Brick Finish

What is the difference between sandfaced and tumbled brick?

One of the ways we achieve texture on brick is by adding sand or sawdust to the surface or even tumbling or rumbling the brick. Sandfaced brick is pretty common throughout the industry, and it is simply a brick where sand has been applied to the surface prior to being fired, or as we say it, “baked,” in the kiln to create a sandy texture on the face. It adds depth and richness to the texture of our brick.

Tumbled brick is very special because the beauty of the brick lies in its imperfection. We literally tumble the brick during the manufacturing process to give it the old-world rustic look that so many of our customers love. There are different types of tumble available: estate tumble, washed tumble and tumbled edge; all of which provide unique character and appeal to any design scheme.