Triangle Brick Company Color Class

Choosing the ‘right’ color to complement your brick


Really, there is no way we can help you choose the right color, because there would be limitless combinations that could make sense with our brick. The use of color can help create an illusion of a bigger front porch, a cozy entrance, making your home look taller or shorter. The options are limitless!

If you want to play it safe, use the color deck of your favorite paint to select your scheme. Sherwin Williams suggests that a safe and effective approach is selecting two tints or shades from the same color strip to use for the body and trim of your home. If you chose a third color, that could be the accent on your front door or shutters. 

Here is an example of putting this into play!

From the Sherwin Williams paint deck pictured below we have five colors to choose from. 

SW 6210 | Window Pane

SW 6211 | Rainwashed

SW 6212 | Quietude

SW 6213 | Halcyon Green

SW 6214 | Underseas

Below we have have paired the colors from the paint deck with our Chesapeake Grey brick from the Parkway Collection: 

If we use the suggestion above, you may choose Window Pane (SW 6210) as the trim, Quitude (SW 6212) as the body, and perhaps Underseas (SW 6214) as your shutters. In this example, you may not want to choose Window Pane as your trim due to personal tastes, that’s okay; you can choose a color with the same value, but from a different color range. 

Want to see this work in person? Come by our Brick Design Center for a customized design.



What’s the difference between Tint and Shade, you ask?

Tint is simply any color with white added. You see, the more white color added, the more the color is lightened.

Shade is simply any color with black added. You can add black color to go very dark or nearly black.  

While it wasn’t mentioned above, Tone is created by adding both black and white to a color (gray). This is where you find the most appealing or balanced color combinations.