Brick Universe

Lego Expo 

By: Allison Hayes, designer


On Saturday, April 8, we had the treat of attending the Brick Universe Lego Expo at the Raleigh Convention Center. 

The show consisted of several Lego displays in all shapes and sizes created by many talented artists. From skyscrapers to historical reenactments this was a one of a kind show! One of the largest displays was the USS Missouri, a large US Navy Iowa-class battleship (see below for image). 

The Architectural display was very interesting because it consisted of a collection of famous buildings, planes, and monuments, all out of brick Legos. Some of the replicas were made with 3,000 or more pieces. Needless to say there were a lot of brick under one roof!

Brick Universe is a great show for all ages and we would highly recommend for you to check it out next year. 

First, a video filmed live on location:

Replica of a Lady GaGa concert

USS Missouri, Honolulu, HI 


Woolworth Building, NY


Brooklyn Bridge, NY


Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station


NASA Space Ship


AT&T Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX


Downtown Raleigh


Portraits of former presidents and military servicemen


Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco, CA


Mouse Gaurd comic book


In memoriam "Edge of Glory"


Character from Super Happy Party Bears book series