Brick Pillows?

A bedtime story


Every evening I take the time to go through my personal emails and wind down before bed.  I get a daily (almost) email from Dot & Bo. Dot & Bo is a company that curates interesting collections and pairings of furnishings and décor.

Last night – one of their headline collections was ‘EXPOSED BRICK’! Clearly this caught my attention. Inside I found the most interesting collection of furnishings and accessories, hosted by Lauren Dodson, inspired by the ‘stark beauty of exposed brick’. Dodson says, “Strip away the paint and drywall, and you’re left with the stark beauty of exposed brick. It adds texture, warmth, and a certain timeless quality that somehow makes a space feel both historic and modern at the same time” (, 2015).

Check out some of the brick finds below:




Brick & Window pillow cover


Ton of Bricks Chest


Click here for the full collection!