Brick Masonry Techniques Part III

New Home Construction


At Base of Structure    

Flashing at seven different locations according to code
Base flashing around entire building and foundation
20-30 mil synthetic vinyl flashing
Place flashing all the way to face of brick veneer
Overlap and seal flashing at each corner; failure to do so can produce a leaky wall at the corners

Window Head & Sill

Flashing required at head and sill to meet code / Weep holes at head and sill as well
Allow +/- one inch extra flashing at each end to form dam
Angle iron should extend four inches past rough opening on each side
Bottom flashing should be installed before window is set
Cut top piece of house wrap off flush with opening
At head, slide flashing inside of house wrap to promote shingling action

Bay Window

Three pieces of eighteen gauge galvanized steel flashing 
Greater than 7/12 but less than 12/12, weld stops every two feet on angle iron to support the load

Stay tuned for Part IV where we discuss brick support and sloping.