A Brick Beauty is Reborn

An historic renovation with our favorite cladding - brick

We get really excited when there are examples of blending the old with the new. What we love even more is when the brick of yester-year and of today come together in a historic setting.  This marriage is truly a testament to the versatility of cladding made from naturally occurring materials.  Not only does it withstand the elements, but they play so well together.  It’s like generations of a family coming together for a celebration. 

In a recent issue of Architect Magazine online, we enjoyed the feature of ‘House 1014’ by Katie Gerfen, which features the stunning work of H. Arquitectes. Inside you’ll find the tale of a historic home in “Granollers, Spain—a small city of 60,000 near Barcelona—an architectural Narnia is hidden down a quiet residential street. But this is no mere wardrobe: When the wooden door in a historic stone façade is opened, what is revealed is an angularly modern world of brick structures, terraces, and walled gardens” (architectmagazine.com, 2015).

Take a look at the full article where you’ll find more images of the home showcasing the combination of stone, hand-made brick, and modern architecture.  Like nature – it’s eclectic, and it’s beautiful.  Read more about ‘House 1014’ here.

Project Credits

Project: House 1014, Granollers, Spain 
Architect: H Arquitectes, Barcelona . David Lorente Ibáñez, Josep Ricart Ulldemolins, Xavier Ros Majó, Roger Tudó Galí (partners); Blai Cabrero Bosch, Montse Fornés Guàrdia (architects); Carla Piñol Moreno (quantity surveyor) 
Interior Design: Fátima Vilaseca 
Quantity Surveyor: Ramon Anton Brossa 
Structural Engineer: DSM Arquitectes 
Installations: Igetech; Àbac Enginyers 
Landscape: Anna Esteve 
Size: 673 square meters (7,244 square feet)