Featured Design: Brick as an Interior Esthetic

The New Trend We Love!


A new trend amongst homeowners is spreading fast, and we love it!

Straying away from the norm regarding interior walls, “bricking” an accent wall allows the homeowner to personalize a home.

The organic feel of a brick wall or backsplash changes the entire look to the interior of a home by adding unexpected texture, warmth and intrigue.

“An interior brick wall can be considered a timeless treasure” (Simard, 2015) as well as a modern take on a home.



Our Charleston brick, from the Triangle Brick Village Collection, would be a great addition to any homes’ interior. Charleston has a tumbled edge that provides a redefined look with warm hues. With its organic texture and natural shades, Charleston offers a great design appeal.



On the other hand, our Asheville brick, from the Triangle Brick Parkway Collection, is a straight edge brick that can present the look of symmetry. Asheville often provides an alternative to the homeowner who wants a more contemporary vibe by using an unexpected color with clean, straight lines. “Brick can add a unique, perfectly imperfect touch to any room” (Simard, 2015).

Recently I helped to provide design assistance for Rebecca Johnson, from Will Johnson Building Company. Rebecca was looking for a brick to use as an interior accent in the kitchen of the house they were building. Together we thought Triangle Brick’s Old Charlotte brick, in the Vintage Collection, was a perfect choice.



As you can see in the pictures below, we were right; Old Charlotte was a great choice for this project. What a great look!









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