It’s All In the Family


It’s easy to shop for brick by color family with Triangle Brick.

Whether it’s traditional red, clean and fresh white or multi-dimensional browns, we have you covered! Our brick colors are achieved by delicately balancing art and science through our proprietary textures and blends, plus our application techniques found in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. 

Are you ready to view your favorite brick color family? Click below to view our brick sorted by color family!



This versatile and warm color palette is one of our most sought after color families. Taking a break from the traditional brick red, brown tones evoke comfort, simplicity, and quality; bringing a well-rounded appeal to your project.




Our tan color palette provides selections with tones of yellow or tones of pink and some with charcoal accents. Versatile and refreshing, Triangle Brick’s tan color palette would likely suite any design style.




Our gray color palette is simple, yet refined; and offers an uncompromising punch of sophistication and detail. Whether used as a main color or an accent, gray will set a sense of calm and stability for the facade of your project.




The gorgeous red tones in this collection span the range; from stately hues to classic textures. The red color family is the base color for all of Triangle Brick products and has an option for every brick lover.




A favorite where sun and sand reigns supreme, our pastel collection is reminiscent of the serenity found in a tropical setting. Brilliant when paired with crisp whites and neutrals. This collection will transform your project into a serene setting.




The perfect blend of warm red and sunny yellow, the orange color palette offers an array of orange tones that can transform any project into an autumn retreat. When paired with other traditional hues, this color palette is a timeless beauty.




Serene and simple, the white color family contains an equal balance of color throughout while providing a pure element to exterior design. Often paired with cool tones this color family will undoubtedly result in a stunning design.




Regal and bold, the burgundy color family offers a perfect balance between our red and brown color families. Reminiscent of rich mahogany wood, we love pairing brick from this collection with crisp accent colors and traditional finishes.