A Peek into the Future

What Architects Expect to See 10 Years from Now in Home Design




The American Institute of Architects surveys over 500 architects annually, and for their 10th annual survey, they asked this distinguished panel what they expect to be the major changes in design over the next ten years. 

If you’re hoping for futuristic designs like we may have seen on The Jetsons, you may be disappointed. The focus has become more about sustainability, smart home design, healthy building materials, designs suitable for an aging population, and energy-efficient design. See the full article here.

This spells good news for the brick industry. As we review the top five trends, brick can help accomplish all of the trends, except smart home automation – as that’s a technological advancement. Disaster-resistant designs top the lists for the panel of architects. Did you know that brick can provide shelter from a category 4 hurricane? Read more here.

Next on the list is the use of healthy building materials. Nothing could be worse than your home making you sick, right? Brick is made of naturally abundant clay and has an estimated lifespan of over 100 years! Read more here.

Designs catering to the aging population are a logical response from the panel. While it was not explicitly stated in the results, the good news about brick is it is virtually maintenance free. Read more here.

Finally, the panel states homebuyers will be looking for energy-efficient design. And you’ve guessed it, brick has this covered too! Brick is a natural insulator and will save you between two and eight percent on your energy bills! Read more here.


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